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Solidarity’s Appeal—the Power of “Unarmed Prophets”

Andrzej DUDA

President of the Republic of Poland

In his book The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli mentions a certain rule of history. He writes, not without a touch of irony, that “all armed prophets have conquered, and the unarmed ones have been destroyed.”

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Poland. Her middle name is History


President of the National Remembrance Institute

We want to tell you about the extraordinary history of Poland, a country that has not only suffered as few other countries have, but also knew how to use the experience as a source of strength to fight for the most universal human value – freedom.

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This war has never been honestly accounted for


British historian and Germanist specialising in the history of modern Central Europe, with particular emphasis on Nazi Germany, the Holocaust and the Second World War. He is the author of “First to Fight: The Polish War 1939”.

September 1 is the conventional start date for the European war.  But little in life is set in stone.  Of course, a pedant might want to point out that the British and French only declared war on Germany on September 3, so that date marks the expansion of a German-Polish war into a wider World War. 

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Poland’s goal - overcoming the economic legacy of WW2


President of the Management Board of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

Poland is one of those countries that have suffered the greatest losses in the course of the 20th century. 6 million Poles were killed during WW2. As compensation for its Eastern Borderlands, Poland was given the ruined regions of Silesia and Pomerania.

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New Deal

Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland

Poland will use the time after the pandemic to refashion its economic and social system so that it is more crisis-proof  and equitable, setting the country on a new path of development.

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Oil Revolution Started with the Poles

by Andrzej Krajewski, Polish historian, columnist and promoter of science.

The kerosene lamp owes its existence to two Poles—Ignacy Łukasiewicz and Jan Zeh. Another Pole, Witold Zglenicki, found vast deposits of crude oil in the area of the Caspian Sea. Ignacy Mościcki was not only the President of Poland before WW2, but also a chemist with a specialty in nitrogen fertilizers. The achievements of these Poles had a great impact on our civilization, spurring the development of the oil industry.

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Making Poland Stronger the Smart Way

by William W. Allen

Poland’s international financial policies have been guided by self-protection and self-insurance. Its strong economic performance and limited financial exposures reduce risk, and its international reserves provide insurance. It has diversified its reserves by buying more gold, providing further insurance.

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Post-Pandemic Stabilisation and Challenges

by Professor Adam Glapiński

The Ancient Greeks were right on most issues, but unfortunately they did not know the concept of acceleration, or at least they did not possess the mathematical apparatus to formally describe it. Centuries had to pass before we understood, thanks to Galileo, and actually not until Newton, that acceleration – in other words change in velocity over time – is invariably associated with the application of force.

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Prof. Michał KLEIBER - Poles – Pioneers of Polar Conservation

Poles pioneered polar research, an important area of today’s global environment insight

Only 20 countries run year-round scientific research stations in the Antarctic, which gives them access to this largest natural “laboratory of nature” with a potential for ambitious research programs and international cooperation. The extreme climatic conditions prevailing in the Antarctic, the stringent environmental protection requirements and the huge logistic demands involved in maintaining research stations and running scientific programmes make this region also a testing ground for new technologies. Antarctica has now also become one of the most important areas for research into environmental change of the planet.

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Open Letter of the Federation of Polish Organizations in New South Walls, Australia to Belarusian authorities.

The Federation of Polish Associations in NSW Australia incorporates several cultural, social and educational organisations. Being a minority in the Australian multicultural society, we are very fortunate to be able to maintain our freedom in cultivating our Polish cultural, religious, historical and patriotic celebrations.

Open Letter

The pride of the Republic of Poland

The 230th anniversary of the enactment of the Polish Constitution, the first in Europe, should be an inspiring holiday for the whole of today’s Europe - writes Andrzej DUDA.

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Polish Tradition of Freedom

Citizens of the Republic saw freedom not just as the liberty of an individual but as an opportunity to decide jointly about statutory laws writes prof. Zdzisław KRASNODĘBSKI

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The May 3 tradition belongs to the Polish soul

 “Welcome, May, beautiful May, a paradise for Poles to stay,” was sung by generations, and the slogan “May the Third” has been chanted at Poles’ patriotic demonstrations for more than two centuries all over the world – writes Jarosław Szarek President of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN).

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First European Constitution

The Constitution of 3 May showed the determination of the national elites and their ability to stand up for the interests of the state - writes prof. Wojciech Roszkowski.


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Three Seas Region – shared history, shared future

The countries in the Three Seas Region were hit less by COVID-19 pandemic and are forecast to recover faster than the rest of the EU due to infrastructural investment, good economic location and highly-skilled workforce – writes Beata DASZYŃSKA-MUZYCZKA, CEO of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

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Independence is good for the economy

It is economy that is one of the foundations of sovereignty. There are some areas of the economy were Polish companies already rank among global champions – writes Marcin CHLUDZIŃSKI - CEO of KGHM.

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